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Ticket 5in Racing Frame

Ticket 5in Racing Frame

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Ticket 5in Racing Frame

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It's time for a transformation in the realm of drone racing frames. Too many adhere to a conventional design and assembly approach. After three years of dedicated development, our latest frame breaks free from the norm by introducing a range of innovative features:

  • Quick-change motor mounts
  • Hot Swappable flight stack
  • One nut cage removal 
  • Maximum of unscrewing 6 screws to replace any individual part

This frame is tailored for racing pilots ranging from beginners to the top sport class competitors, prioritizing reparability and user-friendly features. Recognizing that no frame is indestructible, the design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Unlike many racing frames with limited space, this frame stands out by providing ample room for electronics, streamlining the building process for enthusiasts across skill levels.

Some of the other features in this frame are as follows:

  • True-X and Stretched-X capability with same hardware
  • One Screw arm removal
  • Top and bottom mount battery support
  • Camera angle indicators for 30°, 40°, 50°, and 60°
  • 30 mm long stack screws
  • Only 3 different types of screws
  • All socket head screws
  • Supports 20x20, 25x25, and 30.5x30.5 stacks
  • Can rotate stack 45°
  • Over 50 different configurations


  • Weight: 95 g (5 mm), 100 g (6 mm)
  • Size: 5 in, 220 mm wheelbase
  • Arms: 5 mm or 6 mm
  • Motor Bolt Pattern: 16x16 mm
  • TPU Color: Randomly selected between (Blue, Green, and Black)
  • Carbon: 3K Twill Carbon
  • Stacks: 20x20 (M3), 25x25 (M2), and 30.5x30.5 (M3) 

Build Video:


  • 1x Stack Swapper Kit:
    • 1x Stack Swapper Plate w/ press-fit screw
    • 4x M3x30 mm Socket Head Screws
    • 4x M3 Nuts
    • 5x M3 Locknuts
  • 1x Body Kit:
    • 2x Cage Side Plates - 2.5 mm Thick
    • 1x Mid Plate - 3 mm Thick
    • 1x Bottom Plate w/ eight preinstalled pressnuts - 3 mm thick
    • 1x Cage Key w/ preinstalled pressnut - 2.5 mm thick
    • 2x TPU Camera Mounts
    • 1x TPU Turtle Arch w/ Antenna holder
    • 2x M3x14 mm Standoffs
    • 20x M3x8 mm Socket Head Screws
    • 9x M3x12 mm Socket Head Screws
    • 1x M3 Locknut
  • 1x Arm Kit (5 or 6 mm)
    • 5x Arms - 5 mm or 6 mm thick

Tools needed for frame assembly:

  • 2.5 mm Hex Driver
  • 5.5 mm Nut Driver/Wrench 

What do the new features mean?

  1. Quick-change motor mounts: Replace motors faster than everyone else by only needing to remove at least 1/3 of the motor screws. You can choose to mount your motors with 2, 3, or 4 screws. If mounting with two or three screws you only need to remove 1 screw and loosen the other screw(s), with 4 screws you must remove two screws and loosen the other 2. This is excellent if you use MR30s for your motors as it makes replacing motors faster than ever. 
  2. Hot Swappable flight stack: Blow an ESC/FC mid race but its your last quad? Build up spare stacks and change your flight stack in less than 5 min with our Stack Swapper. Or if you want to build up multiple frames transfer electronics to a new frame in minutes.
  3. One nut cage removal: This may not seem like a big feature, but this is probably one of the best features of this frame. Instead of unscrewing at least 4 screws to remove a top plate or two screws to open a cage on any other cage frame, remove one nut and the cage opens up. A nut is much less likely to strip verses screw head and the cage is just as secure.
  4. Maximum of unscrewing 6 screws to replace any individual part: Need to replace a mid-plate? Take the nut off the cage, the nut off the stack swapper and the four arm screws out and replace the mid-plate. Need to replace the bottom plate? remove the four arm screws. Replace a cage side? Take off the cage nut, open the cage and remove the two screws holding on the side plate and replace. This feature saves time if you break a part and need to replace it.

What have these features accomplished?

Versions of this frame have successfully competed in the Collegiate Championships (3rd 2022, 4th 2023), MultiGP International Open Intermediate Class (2nd 2022), and the MultiGP Sport Class Global Championships (5th & 6th 2022, 6th 2023).


This project was made possible by funding from the YCP Honors Community

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