About KWADz, LLC

Why KWADz?

In high school, a group of fellow youth pilots from Maryland and I collaborated to establish our own Discord channel for communication. When it came to choosing a name, we collectively decided on KWAD, cleverly representing "Kids With Awesome Drones." The name KWADz pays tribute to the initial group of FPV friends who sparked our shared passion.

Meet Alex

Alex Suarez, a dynamic force in the world of drone racing and technology, seamlessly blends his academic pursuits in electrical and mechanical engineering with his love for drones. As an avid drone racing pilot, he not only excels on the racecourse but is deeply committed to the drone community. Alex volunteers for organizations such as the FPV Freedom Coalition, MultiGP, and the FAA Safety Team, passionately advocating for protecting pilots' rights to fly responsibly. Currently pursuing a degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, his hands-on approach to drone technology extends to collaborative projects that push the boundaries of innovation. For more on Alex's work and passion for drones, visit www.alexsuarez.net.